Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh Horse Feathers!

Actually the feathers are from a stamp set by CTHM!  And yes, I know horses don't have feathers, at least all the ones I owned over the years didn't (but I like the phrase).  While at retreat last weekend a sweet lady wanted me to try a new die she purchased of scallops.  I think she said she got it from SU!

It's a nice die but a bugger to adhere to my card!  I told her she needs some sheet double-side adhesive such as Stick It (which is brand new and hard to get but there are other brands similar).

I added a line of Stardust Clear Gel pen to the center vein of each feather as I felt the card was missing something.  Still not sure that's enough, what's your thoughts?

Last weekend I worked at a scrapping retreat for the AZ Scrapbooking store at a fabulous resort in Rio Rico, AZ.  I had to have a costume for the costume contest even though I wasn't eligible for the contest.  I found this suggestion on Pinterest.  I have about 16 name labels all over me with customer names on them.  Can you guess what I was?  My identity is a bit difficult and I'm a feared person in this age of technology.  Give up??  I was an Identity Thief!  What a hoot! Tonight our church is putting on a mini carnival as a safe environment for kids.  I'll be working there from 1 - 9 pm then tomorrow I'll head up to Mesa, AZ for a stamp convention.  I have 2 free tickets but couldn't find anyone who wanted to ride or or anyone who had a place for me in their car.  Bummer.  Guess I'll be my own company.

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Anonymous said...

I lie the card. Maybe add a couple strips of narrow green or yellow ribbon hanging down from the feathers?
Cute idea for a costume. I would go with you to the stamp convention if I lived nearby. Darn, we'd have a ball!
Love ya', Gail from Michigan