Monday, November 5, 2012

Painting and Pumpkins

We are having great fun with Dean's sister, Diane!!  Saturday we watched an event called a "Paint Out" at the Sonoran Desert Museum west of Tucson.  Artists were all along the trail through the "zoo" painting.  They had about 2 hours to paint a scene on a 5" x 7" canvas which was then framed, hung in a small gallery, and sold (if possible).  One of our favorites was sold immediately.  Diane didn't take part as it is a bit difficult to carry an easel and paints on a plane.

We really like this painting, too.  The scene she was painting was the valley below the museum.

Here it is closer.

Yesterday as we sat outside on the patio and visited after church I even got a bit "creative"...

I know it's past Halloween but I love this duct tape!!  I'll probably take this with us to Wyoming in 2 weeks to use as a table decoration or something.  Hopefully I'll get back to making cards on Wednesday.

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