Sunday, November 18, 2012

Antique Dishes and candles

I was given some of my grandmother's best dishes but unfortunately, there was only 6 dinner plates, 5 salad plates, and 2 coffee cups that matched and a gorgeous bowl.  My friend, Suzanne, made some fabulous yard art using plates and bowls and I decided to make some Christmas gifts kinda similar to what she made but for indoor use only.  Suzanne used all kinds of bowls, figurines, etc along with some cool glass marbles but, since there is so much "gold design" on these I decided to to add any embellishments.

I had to purchase a couple little candle cups (put on top) and a clear glass bowl to do this.

I seen something like these also on Pinterest.  Now, who shall get these.....  hmmmm....  I have 2 dinner plates and 3 salad plates left to make something else.  Maybe I should make one for me!

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Anonymous said...

Those are cute, and yes, you should make one for yourself!