Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art Show and Sculptures....

Yesterday we spent the day at the K Newby Art Gallery in Tubac, AZ.  They were having a juried art show and Dean's sister was involved.  She said there was over 360 artists who applied but only 60 were accepted.  That's quite an accomplishment if one is accepted!!  The sculptures and art works were amazing!!!!

This is Dean's sister, Diane, standing next to her oil painting.  When the light shines on the painting the swan's feathers just glowed!!! Absolutely stunning!!  I did take more pics but not of any of the art in the show as I didn't have permission so I went out into the sculpture garden and took a couple of those that I liked the most....

I just love the colors!!!

This "wire" horse is full sized!  It's rearing on it's hind legs and is fabulous!  I would have liked to have the full horse in the pic but there was so much behind it that you would not have been able to really see the wire work.  There were more wire horses but again, I couldn't get a really good picture.

I hope to have some of my stuff to post soon. Today we'll be at the Desert Museum west of Tucson as Diane has to attend some "paint off" function there.  Hopefully I'll get more pics of the artists and their work.

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Laurie Unger said...

Wow - I'm sure that your pictures don't do justice to the cool things are the art show. What you did post looks awesome! Love the horse!