Monday, September 10, 2012

Ghosts and Pumpkins

I "finished" the other 2 cards I made in class last week.  Are you ready??  I love this design and hope to make more.

The ghost and words were all cut on a Cricut. I did add some black Stardust glitter pen to the eyes and mouth.  The ghost is affixed with those wobble springs I showed you recently.

You can kinda see the wobble spring behind the ghost.  And how do you like my little ghostie with the rhinestone eyes?  Plus the word BOO...  Isn't this just cute?

And here is the final card.  The pumpkin and leaf are embossed.  The leaf might be from a Spellbinder die, I'm not sure.  I added the gold crystals for the final touch.

Here you can see the little leaves on the steps.  They're from a punch.  The text is from a stamp but I don't know who by.

This weekend we seen a fabulous movie called Monumental.  It was an amazing documentary about the early history of America concerning the pilgrims and the basis of government.

And there was some info on an wonderful monument in Plymouth, MA....

Here's a link with more info and pictures.  This is amazing!  I never heard of this monument in any of my history classes in school!  The movie actually gave more information about this monument than the website.

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