Friday, September 7, 2012


Yesterday I got to take the class that was postponed from last Wednesday! Oh my! It was fun!  We made 3 cards but I want to "step up" the other 2 a bit so will show just one here....

I believe the pumpkins was a Stampendous stamp.  I don't know about the flourishes and they are black embossed.  The BOO! was cut on a Cricut.

Here you can see the "steps"!  Camille cut this design on her Cricut.  When folded it will fit a standard A2 envelope.

I added black rhinestones as eyes and can see the medium-sized pumpkin is having a problem.  His eye is slipping!  I'll fix that.  Must have happened in transport.

I tried to get home yesterday after the class at 3 pm but we were having a flash flood and our gully was running deep and also down the road.  By 4 pm it was deeper. (Wished I had a photo to share.) I went to our pastor's home and had a great visit.  When Dean arrived about 7 we cooked the Papa Murphy's pizza I had purchased and we all had a good dinner.  Dean and I headed home at 8 (left my car at pastor's) in Dean's big work truck (about 5 ton service truck with a crane and lots of mechanic stuff) and BARELY got through the gully.  The flood had just barely ended but the the weight of the truck just sank it in the soft wet sand.  This morning Dean had to pull a car out of the gully so he could go to work.  He didn't have near a much trouble getting through but we are expecting more of the rain today.  We are way over our average rainfall now.  Wished I could send this wet stuff to eastern WY!  Dad is out with his road grader this morning and trying to make the road passable.

These was my view about 7 this morning. Tucson is getting nailed and there are flash floods all over from here to there and clear up to Phoenix. I love the rain but not the floods. 


Donna said...

Beautiful card, how unique with the steps. I'll be looking forward to the others. Be careful with the floods.

Glittered Paws said...

Awesome card - I know your class must have been great. We had horrible thunder storms last night and I was driving - 3 hours. But made it home okay.

Donna Nuce said...

Love the BOO card. Please send some rain to Colorado as you all use our watershed! Thanks for sharing.