Friday, June 8, 2012

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Cut, Fold, & Tuck

I borrowed this die set from AZ Scrapbooking store recently to play with to decide if I want it or not or whether I want to teach a class on it.  Well, it took some finagling to get it to work and the results are rather cool.  I did learn some things playing with it but I'll show you what I came up with (is that a dangling participle?).

I played with 2 different double-sided card stocks that had lots of difference between the sides.  There are 3 different dies and you can layer them, if desired.

Here's the top 3 layered.  Very busy!  I probably won't layer the 3 sizes together unless I use paper with less design. May need to find a double-sided of solid colors instead of so much pattern.

Here's the bottom 2 layered. I used the middle and smallest dies.  Not too bad.  My next post will show a card using the silver/red medallions.  Oh, what I learned...  I had to shim the dies with 2 layers of card stock to get the cuts to go all the way through the card stock in the die.  Plus I had a piece of wax paper between the die and the card stock to be cut.  Made it so much easier to get the card stock out of the die. So, back to playing!!  And, I do like hearing from you.  What's your favorite flower shown above, the singles, the triple, or the double?


Glittered Paws said...

I really like the last one with the pink,silver combo - you r right the first one is really busy!!!. Looks like a challenge to me :).

Donna said...

They are all stunning Carol, the double is my favorite. Thanks for the wax paper tip!

Anonymous said...

Carol, you did a deep dig job to help all bloggers reading this, all students taking your classes, and the staff demoing these die from the Green Valley store. Yes, the final flowers were the most striking until a shimmer white or distinct black background could be used to set apart the many colors/ many patterns flowers. . . then kerblam, nice work! I had not noticed these die on any other blog nor in a shop until you displayed them in working form. Your waxed paper tip sounds like a winner anytime. Getting diecuts from the die has been a real artform all its own one occasion. You may have nailed the success tip of the day, Carol! Thank you Keep Looking UP!