Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Box and Wolf card

As promised I'm going to show you the photo cube I made.  It is a 2' square cube so it's bigger than you think!

Here are my supplies.  It's made from 1/2" PVC pipe.  I did all the cutting myself with a hacksaw.  And I did it outside in the heat!

Here it is in use.  See the yellowing of the white sheet?  I even removed the sheet from the sides, still yellow.  Hung the lights from the side rails without the sheet on the sides, still yellow.  And for a laugh, you can see the light on the right sitting on my OTT light as it wouldn't stay up!

Here's how I was taking pictures.  Nice and white but what a shadow!

I did try to whiten the background a bit in PhotoShop but it didn't help.  The card colors are pretty close to correct until I took a close up.

The wolf was stamped on ivory or light cream card stock.  This is not good.  I have about $75 in this photo box and I'm not a happy camper.  I'll keep playing until I can figure out what to do.  I may have to purchase a couple natural light lamps but I'll try my Ott and another first.


Anonymous said...

Hey,that works pretty well. Good job and I love thw wolf card.

Morti said...

Hmmm - it might be the lights? Are you using normal incandescent bulbs? Try Halogens, or something in the blue scale. Alternatively, shine the lights inside but bounce them off the cloth rather than aiming them at the item to be photographed... Failing that, try using a fairly thick vellum... Hope that helps!