Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anniversary card

Ok, as promised I'm going to show the card I made using the silver/red medallions from my previous post.

Some very wonderful people from WY will be celebrating their golden anniversary in a week.  Yes, I know this card doesn't use ANY gold!  One, I didn't have any, and two, I like the contrast between the front and back of this pattern card stock.  And, I didn't layer the 2 medallions!

I did add a crystal rhinestone to the center of the medallion as it just begged something!

I adhered the bow (made with my Bow Easy tool) with glue dots and fixed the tails so that they were "wavy".

And the inside.  I found a poem on the web that I liked and printed it. One thing I did after taking the photos was to highlight the words Golden with a copic marker.  I think they'll like this card, what do you think?

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KellyRae said...

A lovely card. I really really like the medallions with just the one layer each - it shows off the doublesided designs without being too busy. Congrats to your friends for celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss!