Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Chair-ished Friend T3476  - page 45

We have had lots of questions about this stamp set and we wanted to show you how this image looks when stamped.  Please note that the detail shown in the Inspiration Book does NOT show up when stamped.  Please refer to the images below to see what the chair will look like when stamped.  Because we use vulcanized rubber only it is very common that fine details do not show up in stamp form ~ we DO NOT consider this a defect.

Some projects were created, prior to the release of this set, with images in their digital format ~ thus showing all of the detail.

Also, please note that the stamp New Creation on page 45 of the Inspiration Book is mis-priced.  Correct price is $8.95.


Chelsea said...

Bums me out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the FYI on chair status, Carol. Sitting is a quality chair can be a stamp of approval. Ha!
Hope the miles are not too heavy with wind, hail, l & t storms. Some are heavily brewing here. A friend in Ellendale, ND, retold how her DH rode out a tornado and storminess in a bouncing Suburban - God didn't let it fly! only bounce! Film at seven on UTube she says.
Yellowstone Riv continues high. You'll see some oil spill damage from the pipeline bursting under the Yellowstone River just east of Laurel painting embankments oil sheen along the way. . . about a hundred miles so you'll be along that stretch for a ways.
Send smoke signals mt23stamperat yahoodotcom and a lunch or brunch or dinner may be shared in the biggest city of these parts before you head further south for another many weeks of work.
Trusting all ports are full of joy and overflowing FATHER glory.
Keep Looking UP!