Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beep, Beep, there goes the roadrunner!!

We have a small flock of roadrunners in our area and 2 came to visit the other day! I seen them coming so I grabbed my camera and hurried to a spot where I thought they'd come by me. I stood very still with my camera up and waited, almost holding my breath! The first one came to about 10 - 15' of me. It didn't spook when I clicked the camera. In this picture it stopped and looked at me! I was so amazed how it just stood there! So, here is what I did with it's picture!

I used Angelee SWIC, cardstock, and ribbon along with Just Because set. I really like how this turned out! I did use my Treading Water border punch for the decorative paper. The Angelee paper had the colors that are in the background of the photo, light green and browns. Just perfect!

I seen Rita's blog using photos for cards and was so inspired! I have so many pictures of the flowers, tree blossums, and cactus that grow here that I'm starting to use them. Give it a try!!


Rita Kegg said...

Great job Carol!! I am so glad you tried a photo card. They are addictive! Thanks and blessings

Trudy Osborn said...

What a really COOL card! I LOVE perfect for the so many men I know.