Monday, April 27, 2009

It's just been one of those days!

This has been one weird day! I did work out at Curves this morning and took my mom shopping. That was all fine. The trouble started when we decided on the dates to go to Wyoming to help a friend next month. Dean called me from work to tell me the dates he's off so I could book the airline tickets. That's when it all began! Over 2 hours later I finally got us booked on Frontier going and United coming home. What a pain! My internet connection was a PIA!!! And from the time we talked about air fees at noon to the time I booked our returning flight on Frontier was sold out!! That was about a 2 hour time frame! Amazing! So, by the time it was all done the cost was $50 more than when we first looked.

So, needless to say, I didn't get much creating done! I did manage this simple little card using up some scraps.

I used the new set Beautiful Day from our Serendipity magalogue. This didn't turn out quite as well I as hoped but wait until this weekend's post!! A bunch of us angels are doing a Scor-pal blog hop! I created a Diamond fold card using this great set and Reece SWIC! I bet you're going to love it! And the Scor-Pal is such a great tool!! It rarely leaves my worktable! So stay tuned!

And don't worry about our trip to Wyoming. We won't be leaving until May 23 and I'll have some posts prescheduled for your viewing pleasure! And I will try to get online a couple times while gone. We're going to be seeing our daughter in Cheyenne and our son is supposed to come there with his girlfriend so we can meet her. I'm so excited! I'll have pictures!

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