Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tutorial - Fantasy/Friendship Box drawers

Are you ready to make your drawers?? Start with 4 pieces of color coordinating lightweight cardstock or text-weight paper cut in 6" squares.

Using a pencil and ruler find the center of each square by carefully marking from corner to corner a large X.

Fold up one point of the square to the center as shown. Use your bone folder to make a good crease.

Fold up the folded edge to the center, crease. Unfold and repeat for the other 3 corners.

Your square should look like this!

Here you can see 4 dotted lines, look closely! Carefully cut where the lines are.

Now fold in the 2 sides as shown.

Stand up one side as shown.

Fold the flap over and I added a small piece of double-stick tape to hold the point down.
Fold over the other flap and tape down. Here you have a completed drawer/box for your Fantasy/Friendship Box. Complete the other 3 and attach to your Box!

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