Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Box Card Class

I taught my class today how to make an origami box card! They did find it a bit tough but fun.

Here are my wonderful "students" showing off their boxes! Standing is Sheryl Aamodt and Donna Troxel. Sitting is Joyce Lambert and Linda Fett. And, since this was my last class through the Green Valley Recreation Dept. for this year I gave them a free class and we made little baskets. I will post pictures of my creations when I finish them.

These 2 cards were created by Joyce using our great downloads that you can get at The Angel Company website, just click here! The top card is a squash book using 4"x4" coasters which I taught last month. The little dimensional bee just sparkles! I think Joyce just had too much fun with these! Unless I get invited to do a special home class or FUNshop I won't be having any more classes with GVR until next January. I will be working on getting my ideas and projects put together this summer as I have to have my paperwork in before Sept. 1 for these classes! I've already got some ideas so if you're one of my students, I think you'll really enjoy next year! I will miss them this summer as most will be headed back home to Iowa, Wisconsin, etc. soon.

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Trisha said...

These are so cute. I will have to try the squash book. Where do you get coasters now that aren't sandstone or some other similar material?