Friday, March 13, 2009

Love Candy

This was a project I made for Paper Wings for February. The theme was The Music of the Heart. I made the box right after Christmas for my project and it was a bit time consuming but fun. I think the most difficult part is getting my stamps and embellishments to work together. I spend most of my time setting out and working my ideas around until something "clicks". This can happen quickly or in hours! This project fell in-between!

Love makes my heart sing and, after blurfing (blog surfing) and seeing this cool box on a very talented stamper's blog, I just had to try it!! Can you guess what I used to hold the M&Ms??
I'll tell you at the end of this post. I made the box from red & white cardstocks and the stamped images are from Love Doodles and Linear Sentiments. The felt flowers and button came from the Ava Embellishment Jar collection. I used L'Amore PH ink for all stamping. I had some burgundy/wine velvet ribbon and I think it worked real good around the base of the box. Now, have you figured out what those 2 little containers are?? Think hard! I'm sure you've had them in your house! Think flowers. Maybe roses. Yeppers!! Those little rascals held water and the stem end of roses!! I even punched little circles to cover to holes in the lids. Now, what have you "recycled" recently??


Anonymous said...

This is a darling project and I LOVE how you recycled the rose vials!

Debra Hensley said...

Just adorable Carol! The stamping works perfectly with the colors and design. Great job!