Friday, May 13, 2022

A Blue Gladys

 I really like Tim Holt's Colorize dies and "Gladys" is absolutely too cute! Plus I wanted to play with my recently purchased Whimsy Stamps "Wonky Stitched Rectangles" die set!

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I also used Spellbinders "Cinch and Go Blossoms" die set and a fun flamingo paper from my stash. My dot in the yellow flower moved for the picture but I got it adhered better after I took the pictures. I had to re-adhere the others, too!

She is fun to make but boy, she has a lot of pieces! What's cool is that on the back of the different die pieces it tells you how many pieces to cut and what color! Great if you want a pink flamingo but I had to improvise for this girl!

What colors would you make Gladys in?

Stampin Carol

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