Monday, April 13, 2015

An Ice Cream Truck Card

I seen a card made by another Fun Stampers Journey coach using the ice cream truck from the June release of the stamp set "Hello Scoop".  She paper pieced it and I decided to give it a go.  I haven't done much paper piecing lately and it definitely showed in this card.

I used metallic silver paper on the bumpers, grey scraps on the tires, scrap blue and pink card stocks, and a piece of the new Yummy Prints paper.  But I had issues.  I usually go around the cut pieces with a black markers to hide the white edges of the paper.  Dang if I didn't get oodles on my fingers when doing the little pieces.

The red ice cream drips help hide some black smudges.  I did manage to get most off the bumpers but you can see a bit on this back one.  I used a white gel pen on the tires and my Silver Wink of Stella brush on the very centers of the tires.  I also used my black Stardust get pen on the words "Ice Cream" so it really glimmers.  I cut out the windows with a kraft knife and added some white glossy paper behind.

I had a huge smudge under the banner so it did a good job hiding that.  I think part of my problem was that I wanted to get this card made and I should have washed my hands every time I got the marker on the finger tips.  Oh well.  The card still turned out cute.  I was a bit bummed that I didn't have enough of the blue card stock to actually make an A2 size layer.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! How you toiled with loving prayerfilled creativity! This card is so great with all the background info and the front message mailing greeting to someone very special. . . more than one DH has a hankerin' for frozen treats. Your work is well recognized as a labor of love. Speaking of love, love the idea of a mission fundraiser cardbox. Director from Friendship House shared recently. Ahhh, do not forget the homeless, fatherless, feederless, and health ridden.
Snow here this morning. Winds over 40 mph last night kept Bull Mountain firefighters very busy. DES guy on local radio early this morning requesting people come to his office for emergency info sheets outlining tasks to clear undergrowth to places to meet, people to contact as a target safe person away from the house, and important papers easily removed to make starting over easier with the government. I think the fire is out or smoldering as most of the crews headed home about daybreak. Falling snow may be factored in also.
One tenth of rain has fallen....three and a half to four inches of snow have fallen in the Bulls. Dust has been a growing problem so this will settle some of it! Now, deeper moisture will let tree and shrub roots tickle and grow or at least sap until more moisture arrives. Past windstorms this month have pruned many trees of live and dead branches. Wild gusty winds have made news here in electric line downs and wild fires raging. BLM and DRC came in with helicopter water basket help~! They are gearing up for forest firefighting with local area river draws as practice.
Keep Looking UP!