Saturday, August 9, 2014

Flower Pot

I enjoy "trying" to grow flowers and not a whole lot likes me in our southern AZ heat.  But marigolds and geraniums do just fine. I seen a cool flower pot at Ace Hardware but, dummy me, I didn't buy it when it was on sale.  But, lucky me, I talked the manager into selling it to me at the sale price about 3 weeks after the sale.  I will be watching for more of these.

Isn't this cool!  I have marigolds in the side pockets and basil in the top.  Boy, that basil smells good!

This pot came in a box with the 3 pots stacked together.  I filled each one individually then carefully planted the marigolds and and basil before snapping the 3 together.  I'm thinking of growing lettuce in a pot for next year or even this winter by sitting it in front of our dining room window.  I'll have to take some pics of my Japanese string beans and Anaheim pepper plants as they're going crazy.  But the tomatoes look pretty sorry, bummer.

Guess I need to get back to my work desk.  I want to pull a bunch of stamps to sell, organize my completed cards and prep some for sale, and work on my September class samples.  Hubby plans on a couple guys from his work coming to week eat and mow the grass and weeds.  But depends on if it's going to rain.  We are forecasted with a 50% chance of rain.  We do need it.

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Anonymous said...

That is a neat pot. I love flowers. I have some herbs planted too.
Gail S.