Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Turquoise Fence and My Desk

Gorgeous day!  We're getting some rain!  The desert southwest is quite dry and Lake Mead is dangerously low.  We'll take all the rain we can get but it does raise havoc getting in and out of our home (our road goes through a gully that's impassable when flooding).  But I've gotten a bit of desk time and even did some reorganization.  And if you're wondering why I'm posting a picture of my desk area please click on the WOYWW picture in the left sidebar. Julia, the head desker, has done an amazing job pulling together crafters and getting them to show pictures of their desks.

I moved my little container of Copic markers to the shelf above and behind my red Cricut.  I wanted them closer to my work area and horizontal rather than vertical.  My little red container of acrylic blocks got moved to where the markers were along with bottle of stuff that doesn't get used frequently.  For now you can see my 2 paper trimmers on the far left with some card samples for a September class.  One is shown below, 1 in my last post, another in my next post and who knows when the last will be posted as it's still in progress. There's still a lot of organizing to do but I actually have some room to work at this point!  Wonder how long that will last.....

I'm enjoying this new Pebbles paper with the turquoise wood grain design.  The back side is a plaid which is ok.  It's used in the leaves and flowes.

I cut the leaves and flowers with my Cricut using the Serenade cartridge.  Add a bling center and some brads and voila!  I seen a card on Pinterest using a fence like this but I changed it up to work for my class.

Here's the result of yesterday's rain.  We got a 1/2" in just over 1/2 hour.  This is looking down the road with the gully running right to left (about 3' deep)  and overflow going straight down the road.  It took about 3 hours before it was down and people could get through.  Hubby has a 4 wheel drive pickup but he had to wait until the water was less than 6" deep to get home.  There is a pickup at the far end of the road waiting for the water to go down.

So now if you want to hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground blog and see many desks from all over the world please click through.  I will spend some time looking around today and getting some inspiration,  giggles, and even opportunities to pray for someone.  God bless you!


Donna said...

Beautiful card, I like how you created the fence!

Neesie said...

Hey Carol if I knew how to I'd send you some of the rain that's been lashing down here this past week, thanks to 'Bertha' I would... but then I see that you've had some already ;D
Gorgeous cards and your desk looks like a craft store... fantastic!
Not sure I believe the part about a little copic collection. I have...wait for it... 6!
Neesie #62

Francesca said...

Amazing how quickly the rain accumulates. We had the rain from your hurricane 2 days ago and the wind. But all ok here in the UK.
Great desk. Francesca #48

Unknown said...

Beautiful card! I'm up in Chandler, AZ and we got lots of rain last night too!

Amy E said...

Yay for rain! My best friend lives in Phoenix, so I know AZ always needs rain! That's a pretty gnarley looking gully you have there though!!

Love that blue wood grain paper!! What a gorgeous card!!

Happy WOYWW!
Amy E. #8

Bridget Larsen said...

Its amazing how we crafters work is such small confined spaces, your desk looks really busy, love that card. So amazing how nature disrupts our lives and glad the water subsided to let hubby home
Bridget #20

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Carol,

We've been getting rain here too (New Mexico) and it's such a blessing since we've been in a drought condition for years and years. I'd think the "gully is overflowing" might be a good excuse to get out of work??? tee hee Where are you in AZ? I have a friend that lives in Queen Creek.

The card is very pretty; love the turquoise fence.

So sad about Robin. I grew up watching Mork and Mindy. One of my favorite movies is The Dead Poet's Society.

Thank you for visiting me already!
Today I'm off work so hoping to get around to at least those that have visited me so far.

Peace, Kay (14)

Anonymous said...

Lovely crafty desk! I like the fence too.I see a spray bottle and cloth are quite prominently placed - whatever my project is, I need to have my water sprayer and a cloth at hand! Not only to clean, but to dilute, spray and dab, wipe... can't do without those.

Debbie/Daqa #52

RosA said...

Your desk looks very busy with lots of creative possibilities. Hope you don't get flooded in? Although, that might mean you get more "desk" time, maybe?
Thanks for dropping by earlier and for your nice comment.

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Carol, thanks for the visit earlier. Organisation is key. Love that neat little space you have for working..its all we need. The flowers on your card are really lovely. Cx #68