Monday, September 2, 2013

Too Cute To Spook

Originally I was going to try to take part in the Operation Write Home challenges but my weekend got away from me but I did get this card done.  The paper is a pack I got from Memory Works called Trick or Treat by Pebbles.  The spider is a stamped image by a The Angel Co. set.

There is something special on this card, kinda hidden.  Remember the old Where's Waldo?  Well, there is an eye other than the owl's or spider's.  Hubby cracked up laughing when he finally seen it.  Need help?  Go to the last picture in the post and it'll be looking at you.  In the meantime....

I added a couple small black rhinestones to the owl to make his eyes pop a bit more.  The spider is black embossed then pop dotted as you can't have spider webs without a spider.  Have you found the eye yet??  No?? Look at the bottom of the card...

Yep, there it is, peeking out from a tear in the paper. I had to add a bit of whimsy just for fun!

Are you enjoying your long weekend?  We were planning on going to Madera Canyon for a bit of a picnic (by K.F.C.) and to enjoy the pine trees but a storm blew in this morning with some pretty strong winds, thunder and lightening, and probably rain.  We live just a few miles from the Canyon and it would have been fun to watch the wild animals for a while but I guess we'll have to come up with something else to do... maybe watch some movies.   Hope you have a restful day!

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Glittered Paws said...

This is just too cute - and you hid the eye really well - what a hoot.