Monday, September 16, 2013

Finishing Cards to Sell

I should have been making some cards but I ran out of room.  Really!  My basket that holds my cards was overflowing.  I decided I better do something and fast. So, I finished out about 25 cards.  Some got text inside, all got envelopes but some were decorated, and all were put in clear bags and readied to sell.

This isn't all of them.  I still have about 10 on my desk to complete and package.  I will be selling these at AZ Scrapbook's annual retreat the first weekend of October at Rio Rico, AZ.  They will be $3 each or 2 for $5. I still need to make some single card kits and hopefully I'll get started on those either today or tomorrow.  I was planning on getting some more cards done yesterday but I had such a severe allergy attack (grass is going to seed, plants are loaded with pollen) that I even missed church!  By the time my pills started working my nose was running like crazy, eyes itching, and sneezing had taken over.  So home we went.  I laid down for about 3 to 4 hours but still felt woozy. Oh well.  I got some rest!

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Anonymous said...

Nice selection of cards. I have to make a bunch of cards too. I am donating them for a craft show and the proceeds will go towards a food pantry.
Thanks for all the inspiration, sistah!