Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Workdesk and some cool glasses

Another Wednesday.  But you don't get to see my workdesk as it's CLEAN!!!!  Yesterday I assembled 4 card kits and then cleaned off my desk!  Oh my gosh! I'm in shock!  But, I do have a bookshelf that's a disaster!  And I'm almost done cleaning and organizing it!

My poor Big Shot is on the floor!  There's no room for it on the shelf.  But, an hour later...

Ta Da!!  It's a tight fit but I have my Big Shot and Wizard plates, my case of dies, and my 2" sticker maker are all on the top shelf.  I do have a box of magazines that I'm going through then will take them to the local thrift store.  I still need to clean the top of my large paper trimmer.  It's about 1/2 done.  What a relief!  In a few minutes I'll be hopping over to Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground, to check out the many fabulous blogs of desks from all over the world.  But this past week I found something I've been searching for....

How do you like my new sunglasses!!!  Aren't they wild?  They are larger than I expected but I just love them!  I ordered them from Fab online. The service was fabulous and fast!  There's only 1 problem with these glasses.... I wished I'd ordered a couple more pair for friends!

So don't forget to leave me a comment (that is, if you want) and hop over to the Stamping Ground for some fun inspiration and cool desks! Now I did notice that when I did some more visiting on Saturday, the 25th I got the wrong link #.  I'm #118, not #119 as I wrote on a couple blogs... sorry about that.


susibee said...

Well done on sorting your bookcase.

Those glasses are awesome:)

Happy WOYWW. Susi #58

Monique said...

What an amazing difference a little clearing makes! WOW, well done!
Love your glasses by the way =)

shazsilverwolf said...

Today is obviously glasses day- you must have seen Julia's post! Everyone seems to be in tidy mode today too. have a great week, hugs Shaz #125 xx

ria gall said...

Hi Carol
look at you all neat and tidy didn't you do a good job
Loving the glasses people will admire you from afar and near
Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
Ria #74

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder: need to clean and sort too!
Happy woyww,
Jana #108

Bridget Larsen said...

Love the new cupboard and looove the new sunglasses, very Grease era!
Bridget #11

Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW!

The after photo looks so much better, can you come and do my room next please?

Love the sunglasses!

Cazzy x

Christine said...

Ta da! indeed! Did you do that just for us ........ you didn't need to you know .......
Fab glasses!!

Bishopsmate #78

Becky said...

Don't You Just Love Cleaning And Organizing? Those Glasses Are Awesome!

April said...

Wow - what a difference an hour can make. ;-) Love the sunglasses - you will be lookin good! April #131

SandeeNC said...

LOVE the retro sunglasses, they are fab!!!! OK, I am asking my WOYWW folks to rally behind me and I truly need your support. I am in a contest and the voting ends today so it's now or never. PLEASE go vote for me ( the camera )....yes, I am begging, lol
waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥ ( #19 )