Friday, May 3, 2013

Tied Up and Ready to Go!

I know I need to come up with another class idea with samples but I've been overwhelmed with cards that needed to go somewhere.  This week I've been stamping card innards and envies then packaging and now I have about 35 cards ready to go to the AZ Scrapbooking store in Green Valley, AZ to sell....

There went to the store yesterday.  They sell for $3.50 each.  Now that this is done I'm able to get something else done!

I'm still having problems with classes cancelling at the store.  I've tried easy, difficult, moderate... you name it, the classes just aren't going.  But I'm working on my May 22 samples which will be For the Guys.  This card was inspired by a card I seen on Pinterest from a blog called Paper, Scissors, and Superheros.  The text is from a Lawn Fawn set called Happy Everything.

I didn't even come close with the colors of the tie in my inspiration but I really like this paper by Melissa Francis.  Can you tell the white is a shirt cuff??  I think this summer, as per Debi's idea,  that I will just make individual card kits at about $3.00 each.  She said some gals, when they come to the crops, would like to make a card or two between pages or for a change of pace.  This card would work nicely but I would change the text to a birthday theme.  We'll see what happens.  The other teachers don't seem to have this falling away that I'm having, at least not as badly.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Father's day card. I agree it would also make a good male birthday card. Sorry you are getting cancellations on your classes. If I lived nearby, I would be there is a heartbeat!
Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.