Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunflowers and a Wooden Tray

This past Christmas my folks purchased a dried fruit tray for them and my brother and his family. It came on a really cool wooden tray and my sister-in-law thought I'd want it.  I'm so glad they saved it for me!

Here's the tray.  Do you see the possibilities??

I love sunflowers and had this cool sheet from K & Company. I used Royal Coat Decoupage Finish to seal the tray then again to attach the paper.  I did have some problems with air bubbles but got most of them out.

It's not done yet as I need to coat it with some Crystal Lacquer or Diamond Glaze in case of liquid spilling on it.

I added a bit of green cording around the edge to help cover some sloppy cutting.  Worked pretty good!

What have you recycled or reused lately?

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