Monday, January 28, 2013

A Couple Quick Valentines

I had some cool Authentique  paper left over from a class that is just too cute! The sheet is called Greetings and has some vintage-looking images. 

Isn't it just too cute???
Anyway.... I made a couple quick and simple cards from various papers from this collection along with some solid card stocks.

I added the black rhinestones for that touch of bling.  I'm trying to decide if I went a bit overboard with the rhinestones.  What do you think?

And there are 3 clear rhinestones on this card. I really needed to get something made for today's post as I was busy all weekend and just didn't get to my work desk until late yesterday afternoon. I bet these 2 cards didn't take 1/2 hour to put together.  Maybe later today I can do some blurfing and get more inspiration.

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