Friday, August 10, 2012

Organizing my brads and eyelets...

When I attended the AZ Scrapbooking (Green Valley, AZ) Christmas in July retreat I seen the coolest organizer from one of the attendees.  My Iris cart had a drawer dedicated to brads and eyelets but it was an absolute mess!  I also seen that Michael's had these on sale and, since I was in Tucson, AZ last Sunday, I checked them out and ended up purchasing one.  It's found in the beading section.

Now, I'm not overly crazy about purple but I can live with this.  The cover has a suede texture. (I may have to do some stamping and coloring on it.)

Every compartment is used.  I found I had some duplicates of the brads and I did label some of these compartments for personal use.

There are 4 sets of "lockables" on each side of the holder and 7 compartments in each set.  If you drop a "lockable" it will not pop open due to the way it locks.  You have to push a "button" on the left side for any compartment to open.  Now that I can see what I have I may use my brads and eyelets more!

And how do you like my little bench?  I purchased it from a used furniture store to replace an antique love sofa in our bedroom.  About 3 weeks ago I broke my little toe on my right foot for the 2nd time in 13 months on the love sofa (3rd time in 8 years).  It was time for a change.  This little bench gives me more room to walk along my side the our bed.  Hopefully no more broken toes.  The little sofa is now out in our storage shed.

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