Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Week 161

I want to thank Julia at the Stamping Ground for this opportunity to hop around to view other crafter's work areas! I'm not going to show you my work desk today.  Instead I'm going to show you the results of what I was up to yesterday!  Our local scrapbook store is having a Christmas in July retreat July  20 - 22 in Green Valley, AZ. I think it is almost sold out so I was asked to help make some of the goodies. Since yesterday  didn't get so hot (we were about 92* F.) I got to work!

This is my sink after I got stuff in the oven.  I made 3 dozen butterscotch scones and 8 honey scones.

Here's the 2 dozen butterscotch scones for the retreat.  And yes, the platter is stamped.  (I made it many years ago and I don't know the company that made the stamped sheet into a melamine platter. I made quite a few items in about 2001 for Christmas gifts.)

But, I do want to show you how my floor looks now!  You'll have to look back to last Wednesday's post to see the knee-deep pile on my floor in front of some shelves.  It was pretty bad...

But now!!!!  I'm not showing the top of the shelf as it hasn't been touched yet but it will be soon.  It isn't nearly as bad as the floor was!  I did throw out quite a bag of garbage!  I wonder how long it will look like this....  LOL!  My cat does enjoy laying in this clean spot so she does keep me company now and then.

And I hope you have a safe and blessed celebration of our anniversary of Independence Day! May the United States of America, the great Republic that it is, remain free from tyranny and oppression!



Unknown said...

Yummy! Oh doesn't it feel better when it's all tidied up? If only I could keep my area tidy, sigh. #115

Craftychris said...

Oh my goodness, Buttserscotch scones and Honey scones - they both sound soooo yummy! I hope you had a fab 4th July. Have a fab week and thank you for visiting my desk xx

Unknown said...

I am drooling over your baking. Love the stamped plate.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

Oh the scones look yummy. Have a good time at the retreat. Gratz on the tidy up. Sandy :)#44