Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Cube done!

I FINALLY finished it and I love it!  I cut all the PVC pipes to 1 1/2' length from the 2' length.  Definitely more manageable.

This is the side view.  I purchased a cheap white sheet at WallyWorld and it is MORE than enough.  I might change it out for a piece of poster board but, who knows.

Here's the front view.  The card was posted earlier but, since I haven't stamped for a few days, I didn't have anything new to photo.

These are the light bulbs I used.  WAY better than standard flood/spot lights.  I don't have to lighten my photos on PhotoShop now and no shadows!  And the cube is so light weight, too.  Very easy to remove from the freezer.  Not sure if I'll use it when I've baked something.  But then, the sheet is washable! LOL!
Now I need to figure out what to do with 12 6" pieces of PVC pipe....  Oh, I don't use the flash on my camera when I use my cube.  Don't need to.

Here's the link to my original post and cube.  Click HERE
I got the directions from Paper Crafts Magazine.... click HERE  but I changed the lengths of the pipe for better handling.


Shelly N. said...

Great idea. Do you have to use the flash on your camera with this? I see you have a clear thingy (very technical term)to hold your card in place. May have to build me one like this. I have a place I could leave it up permanently. Thanks for sharing.

~ Connie said...

So COOL! How did you make it? I think I must have missed earlier post.