Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Inchie Card

I still haven't had time to get to my work desk but I found this card (hidden in some unopened junk mail) while cleaning off my table yesterday.  I got it the first of the month but with the son here the mail just got piled.  But I just love this card!  It's from my April swap partner in the AZ Stampers group.

I apologize for it being a bit kitty wampus but my scanner is a bit high and I can barely see the screen when I set stuff on it.  It looked level when I closed the lid to scan.  Oh well.  But, isn't it just lovely???  There is no stamping on this card, all the designs are pattern paper! And the cool  ribbon! WOW!

Now, if I can just find my mojo and make something!

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