Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Necklace & Earrings set... and Hail!

You seen my last post... you know, the busy desk.  Well, right before I cleaned it I finished another necklace and earring set using Shimmer Sheetz.  Ya ready?

I used the same hot pink sheet and embossing folder.  On this one I used black ink to make the image pop but it was TOO much black!  I cleaned it off then sanded.  You can see some of the black in the grooves.. kinda "antiqued" them.  I added a black gem to the pieces since the black didn't all come off.

You can see the design a bit better here.  And then Wednesday afternoon the sky turned nasty black, lightning flashed and the thunder rolled.  Then it hit...

Hail!  BIG hail.  Some was a inch across!  I think if it wasn't for this covering over my garden I would have lost it all.

This white stuff even made the metal awning leak!  A couple must have hit a seam just right and now it drips right in front of the door!  Dean will have to get on the roof and check it out.

Our yard looked really weird.  We got 1/4" of rain out of this.  I was surprised the gully didn't run. We really need the moisture but this is a bit more damaging than I like.  Vehicles are fine,  we park them under a HUGE mesquite tree that covers them nicely... and they both have bird droppings on them. Bummer.  Oh well! And now, back to stamping....


Laurie Unger said...

How awesome! Nicely done! Now I might have to try making jewelry! Thanks for enabling me! That hail is huge! Glad you had the garden covered.

Kellyrae said...

The jewelry is beautiful. I like the black rhinestone to accent the black. Glad your garden survived but bummer about the metal awning. We only got a little rain, no hail at all.

~ Connie said...

Oh my -- nasty hail storm! I LOVE the jewelry; but am not familiar with the Shimmer Sheetz product. Do you have a favorite website where I can learn about it?
ConnieD - Angel 1813