Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seminar Stamp Sets...

Since I'm still cutting out stamps and trying to finish projects I thought I'd show you all the stamp sets we got at Seminar (The Angel Company's annual convention).  I think I have them all here....

(Don't know why my off white floor photo'ed yellow...)  I have 21 sets here!  Can you believe that!!

I have:
all 8 Rewards Level A sets (2 might be for sale or as blog candy as they don't do a thing for me)
Reward Level B set Sweet Seasons (still debating if I like it - I wanted Every Leaf)
Reward  Level B set Always Be Fabulous
Reward Level C set Love This Day (still thinking on this one, too)
Sunshine And Joy (too cutesy for me.... not going into my inventory)
Love Lines (works great with Love This Day... is shown next to this Reward set but isn't a Reward set)
Apple of My Eye
Dotted Peony (fabulous flower set!)
Wonderful Tree
Beautiful Lace  (a gorgeous vintage set with doileys, hat, lamp, dress, and phrases)
Konnichiwa (a wonderful Asian set with 3 adorable geisha girls and more!)
Eyes to See (a great masculine set!!  Just love it!)
Enjoy the Scenery (a great LARGE vintage image - 3 1/2" x 4 1/2")
Ready Set Snow from the Fall Supplement

I think I made back almost 1/2 of our registration in stamps!  And we got lots of full paper packs (SWICs) with matching hardware, ribbon, floss, etc.  Just amazing!  And next year we'll be back in Kansas City... can you say cheaper air fare??  Woo woo!!

So, stay tuned! I'm trying to finish the projects - got 6 done!!  And I'll be posting more stamps sets for sale as I clean out the retired sets.

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Shelly N. said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and got your creative mojo in high gear.