Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spritzed circles

A couple months ago on FaceBook I seen a post about a technique using a toilet paper roll.  It was used on a scrapbook page and was so easy and amazing!  I taught it at our Ink Spots meeting the end of April and challenged all to make something using that piece of cardstock they spritzed.  Well, unfortunately no one showed up at the meeting last Friday.  I know 1 was out of town and the other 2 were ill. No one else said anything so I drove the 12 miles to town and waited, and waited, and waited.  The owned of the LSS also waited, and waited, and waited.  We gave up at 6:10 pm and left.  Both of us were not happy campers by then but I did get home early and had dinner with hubby.  So, do you want to see what I learned?

Here's the start.  I used a Walnut Ink spray.

I held the toilet paper role on the paper as shown in the first picture and sprayed the ink through it.  I then moved the role and repeated.  You can only do so much spraying as the t.p. role gets saturated and falls apart.  And I recommend scrap paper under your cardstock and spraying as it can be messy.  My hands came clean with a good scrubbing.  Now, ready to see what I did with this??

I used our Seminar set for my stamping. As of this time this cool set is only available to those attending the annual convention.  I sprayed a bit of the Walnut Ink into a little dish then used a sponged to lightly add the ink to the stamp before stamping on the small white square.  I wanted the cool shoes to match the background.  Kinda like your shoes matching your outfit and that doesn't mean black Croc sandals....

I had some ribbon that matched so nicely and that was used along with the Fiskars Treading Water border punch. I know my hubby is biased but he liked this and, I admit, so do I.  Inside the card is stamped "you can never have too many..."  This card reminds my of my SBC (sister by choice) in Lusk, WY.  She's such a girly girl and has WAY more shoes than I ever thought of having.

So, have you tried anything new lately??
(As I prepared this post last night I'm trying to recover from a nasty headache, aches, weakness, chills, hot flashes, and naseau.  (I looked up this word to spell it correctly but this is what Google showed yet Blogger doesn't like the spelling.) Hopefully by morning I'll be back to my good-ole self.


Carol Hirsch said...

Very pretty card. I this technique; very easy (though kinda messy) to do. Will have to give it a try.

Glittered Paws said...

Love the effect you got from this technique and love the stamp you used!! Hope your nausea (from a career nurse here), IS BETTER.

Teresa Jenkins said...

So neat! Love how that turned out and the matching shoes are great! Sorry your group didn't turn out.

ArtfullyJune said...

Great idea - I think I'll be trying this soon.

Chelsea said...

Love that idea!! Brilliant!!