Friday, February 11, 2011

Shutter Album Class

I just have to show you my "students" at my recent G.V.R. class (Green Valley Recreation, AZ) this past Wednesday.  They gals did a great job on a project that took a lot of thought, measuring, and planning.

From left to right is Sandy, Michele, Mary, and Judy.  They worked very hard on their albums and, though we didn't have time to really embellish, they did get a long way on their projects. 

Today I'll be getting a colonoscopy as a precaution as my mom just had colon cancer surgery right before Christmas.  I will have to pay for this myself as it's less than our insurance deductible ($5000). Ouch.  This  pretty much guaranteed that I won't be attending our annual TAC™ convention in June in Wichita. Oh well, thank goodness for payment plans! LOL! I would appreciate prayer that all is ok with my colon. Thanks and I'll have a project to post shortly!


Glittered Paws said...

I bet your classes would be an absolute blast - the girls look like they are having fun. I bet you are an excellent teacher. Hope all goes well with the colonscopy - although sorry you won't get to come to seminar - just knowing is such a peace of mind. Will be thinking of you nad praying for a good outcome.

Chelsea said...

Prayers with you ... Makes me sad that u won't b at seminar though. Hope all goes well!

Teresa Jenkins said...

So glad you had a great class! I'm thinking of you!