Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Diamond card...

I will be teaching a class at GVR (Green Valley Recreation, AZ) on February 23 and this is what I'll be teaching.  It's a take-off on the Spring Fold card and is fun to make.  I think I'll be teaching this at the LSS in Green Valley in March, too.

This is it closed.  I had to use a large paper clip to keep it closed to photo. It doesn't like to stay closed due to the way it's folded.  I used Amberly Grace SWIC, matching cardstock & ribbon, along with my Scor-Pal, Scor-Bug, and sanding block.

This is it open. The phrase is from the Give Praise to Him set stamped with Noir PH ink. See the crystals in the corners?

I used my I * Rock tool and some metallic crystals. These are just TOO cool!

This card is way easier than it looks! The hardest part for me is how to decorate it!  I'm making 3 more for my samples for my class at our LSS so keep your eyes open!

And a quick update on my colonoscopy Friday... the doctor removed a polyp 4mm in size. This is extremely small and is rarely cancerous but, if left to grow, will become so.  The worst part of the procedure is the afternoon before when you have to drink a gallon of laxative!  So, I thank you all for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated!!

(oops, this was supposed to post tomorrow.....)


Glittered Paws said...

Love tthis - looks very complicated!!! Great choice of sayings.

Chelsea said...

Great card design. Hope your class goes great!

Debra Miller said...

So Cool!