Friday, March 5, 2010

If you want to leave a comment....

I have changed the format of where you click to leave a comment on a post.  Now you will find the "comment" right under the title of the post.  I've had a couple customers call trying to find where they click.  So I hope this will be easier for you to find.  Here is a picture to give you a bit more help:

So, I would like to know  if you think this is easier to find than at the bottom amongst the time posted and labels.  Oh, and if you're looking for a particular stamp theme, tool, or whatever, check out the labels in the bottom left sidebar.  If you click on something it will bring up all the posts that have that particular label.  So, for example, Scor-Pal.  Look under Tools :Scor-Pal. Click on it and all the posts come up with the title at the top saying "Showing Posts with Label: Tools: Scor-Pal.  Showing all posts.  Now, how easy is that.

And in each post that I have a project and supplies used, if the supply/stamp set/ whatever is a different color and/or underlined, click on it and the shopping cart will pop up with that item. You can then see what all is in the stamp set and cost, or whatever it is that you're interested in and its cost.

Now, if you have any comments to help me make my blog easier for you to navigate, please leave a comment.  I also have a chat box but I only check that every 3 days or so.  You can also Contact Me to send an email.  I appreciate your visit and look forward to many more!