Sunday, March 28, 2010

Closeups of the Lattice

I decided to show you the close ups of the lattices from the previous post.  I got the templates from the Diamond Folds sheet by Hot Off The Press, Inc.  I have many of their products and decided it was time to play more with them.  So, lattice not tarry  (oh, bad pun!)..

This one I did on black vellum and you can see where I used my gold marker.  If you try this be sure to use scrap paper under the piece you are marking as the marker can bleed and the way I do it the marker is 1/2 on, 1/2 off the edge.  The gold really gives punch to the piece.  You can also see that I outlined the punched circle with gold but you can't see that I outlined the pattern paper.

This was the first one I tried the gold marker and you can see the boo-boo on the second lattice.  If you're real careful you can correct this but I'm not going to so that the students can see what can happen if you don't take your time and use a steady hand.  You can also see the edge of the flower with the gold embossing.

This last lattice is the one I first learned many years ago. You don't need to use vellum for these cuts, you can use double-sided paper, double layered paper...  Just play.


Suzanne said...

This would add a classy touch to any card!

Trudy Osborn said...

what I see looks so pretty. are we going to be able to see the whole cards?

Anonymous said...

Very nice! rita w