Sunday, December 27, 2009

Worked over work area

My folks gave me a Cricut Expression for Christmas and I really had to rearrange me stamping area to accommodate it. I had to move my stamps to a smaller desk top and purchase a shelf for my big table. Here's the results:

Here's the work table. Isn't that Cricut a beautiful red?? I have yet to figure it out and plan on taking a class where I teach on Basic Cricut usage. I tried watching the Cricut DVD but that drive no longer works in my computer. Darn. And I doubt that my table will remain this clean for long but doesn't it look good!

My stamps are now about 2 feet from me to my left. This area will probably not remain this clean either but it sure is encouraging me to create right now! I now need to clean my computer desk and a couple bookcases but that will come (someday...). I have lots of ideas I want to work on and 4 classes in January, 2 at Green Valley Recreation and 2 at the AZ Scrapbooking store. I need to get my samples for the GVR classes done and start getting my kits together. I finished my posters for the GVR classes and will get them taken in to the office on Monday.

So, it's off to play! What new "toys" did you get for Christmas??

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