Sunday, December 6, 2009

What are these?

Since our daughter is here from Wyoming I haven't been creating. But I just had to post this....

A friend gave these 3 antique tools to me and we both don't know what they are. I think they have to do with sewing of some kind.

The 2 big ones have sliding handles. One handle tip has a "needle" with a hole and the other has a metal strip. The one on the right has "guides" for the thread or whatever.

Here's a closeup of the one on the left. You can just see the little metal piece under the "needle".

Here's the little middle one. It has an extra "needle" stored in the handle.

And here's the one on the right.

If you have any ideas what these are please let me know. Or if you know someone who knows please have them look at these. Thanks.

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Karen Lindsay said...

Hi, Carol. No, I don't know what those tools might be. I've just seen you mention being from WY several times and I have to ask -- where are you from in WY? I grew up in the Riverton/Pavillion area and now live in Sheridan. Just wondering if we might have come close to each other at some time in our lives. :-)

Karen (a fellow Angel)