Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Changing Skies of Arizona

I've been fascinated with the different skies here in southern AZ and this page was born. The colors are amazing and the sky changes frequently.

The top left is a double rainbow taken a couple weeks ago, middle left is early morning, bottom left is sunset, and top right is snow from this past January! If you look closely at the map in the middle right you can see a dot (where the blue arrow is pointing) of where we live. We are about 30 miles north of the Mexico border. The stickers are very dimensional. I've had these for a while and wanted to use them. I think they go well with this page. I don't normally use stickers but do have quite a stock!

Paper: All My Memories embossed 12 x 12 (we used to carry this)
Stamps: Simple-Bet, Interact (this set was a special a while back)
Ink: Starry Night
Stickers: Reminisce

Have you tried scrapping your local scenery?


Lori said...

I love that scrapbook page of your Arizona skies! I'm like you...I have lots of stickers but rarely use them. Hmmmm. Maybe that will be my challenge for the week.

Trudy Osborn said...

How beautiful!

Sonia said...

Carol, i love the changing colors in the skies.
Thanks for sharing this page... amazing color, love the pics.
Love the stickers, you can make a lot of things with stickers.