Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Pink Bind-It-All

My previous post had some problems so I deleted it and am trying again. We'll see how this one works!

You can find a complete detailed explanation of the new machine at Zutter or click here.

The Bind-It-All manufacturers have now remanufactured the tool to have a pink body style. The tool looks and works exactly the same, yet has a couple new features. The new design is able to punch through thicker material, and has an extension on the paper guide bar and plate. It is now a soft pink where it used to be a turquoise blue. To view a photo of the pink Bind-it-All go to the Products section of my E-Commerce site, or click here, click on Accessories, then click on Tools. From there, scroll down to the Bind-It-All.

The packaging that the product will arrive in is also slightly different. The new color helps to distinguish the newer version of the Bind-It-All from older versions. The new Bind-It-All pricing will be $80.95. This price change will take place immediately. Thank you for your understanding in this matter, and we look forward to sharing this fun, new, fashionable Bind-It-All with you.

Also, Double Dips is still going on!! I called TAC™ and verified that to get these awards and freebies you must contact me with your order. Going through my online catalog and shopping cart will not work for these. And this special ends Nov. 3 which means I need your order before then to get it into the office! So, don't forget!

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