Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Great news!

Our Double Dips awards program has been extended 'til Dec. 3, 2008!!! This gives you an extra month of great deals! Remember, it is double the Gift With Purchase stamps (now 2 for every $30 in net orders), double the Hostess awards (now 2 for every qualifying net orders), and double the 1/2 price items (now 2 for every $100 in net orders). I've already have my customers in eastern Wyoming take advantage of this and was the hostess ever so excited to be able to fill her entire wish list!! To get these great deals you must contact me direct and not through my online catalog/shopping cart. There is a contact me button in the left side menu. Let me help you fill your stamping and scrapping needs and start creating more!

Also, we have a new deal available from November 1 - November 30. These are 2 "vintage" stamp sets that will be offered. They are great for coloring and will make wonderful additions to your cards for Thanksgiving.

I hope to post a card or something soon. I've been busy designing projects for the Design Call for our Spring/Summer 2009 catalog coming out February 2, 2009. So far I have 5 done and ready to go. I have to have them mailed early next week to beat the deadline so just about every available minute I've been creating. Yesterday it took me a few hours just to pull together an 8"x8" scrapbook page! I just couldn't get the look I was going for. I remember the last Design Call a card of mine made it into the catalog that I really didn't like so we'll see what happens.

So, are you enjoying fall? Here in southern AZ it's still very warm. I think the weather forecast is for temps in the high 80's. So nice! Well, back to designing!

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