Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frames, Sunsets, and Bugs

I took this picture at my folk's place in northwest New Mexico and created this frame for it. It will be dad's Father's Day gift when they come back in October. I purchased the frame at a new store called Big Deals, kind of a cross between Big Lots and a dollar store, for $1.99. It was white with Mother's Day writings in bright red. I colored the edges with alcohol inks (and I have lovely green & brown fingers to show for it). I cut out strips of Amelia SWIC paper and adhered with Royal Coat Decoupage Finish. I then stamped the tag with the Eccl. 2:3 scripture from the Be Still set using Noir PH ink, added the eyelet from the Amelia Hardware kit with the Crop-a-Dile and added the 3 shades of rafia. I adhered it to the corner using 1/4" Wonder Tape. Turned out pretty good, I think!

This sunset picture was taken standing out our back door last night. Isn't it something!!
I did not alter this picture any other than shrinking it to a size I could upload here. I think I may have to print the larger image and frame or use on a card.

And this "bug", which looks like a strange grasshopper was fleeing our house when Dean started spraying for termites, spiders, and the like yesterday. It is about the size of a thumb! I also seen HUGE caterpillars the size of my pointer finger! I've been told they'll become butterflies. Just some amazing critters here in the desert.

I'm getting excited about going to Dallas on Friday. Talked to my brother yesterday afternoon about our arrival time so he can pick us up. Also told him to get a wheelchair for my mom's use at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. I'll start packing tomorrow, been doing laundry today. So, I now need to get clothes out of the washer and into the dryer. Hope you're having a great day!


BarbL said...

LOVE the frame Carol! I still have the one I received as a prop swap from you!!

Mary said...

Wow Carol - you have been busy with water, bugs and a trip! Never a dull moment! I hope you have a great time and I will look forward to seeing your creations when you return. I love all the things you have been posting! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent!

Sassy Runner Girl said...

Love the frame and the pics- I should've taken pics of the grasshoppers covering the MD beach... yes, grasshoppers!!