Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flash Flood

We are under a flash flood alert but we are actually having quite a flash flood! This is our road. The water was running about 5' deep and VERY fast! Much damage. I'm sure the road will be impassable when the flood is over. There is a trailer at the far end of this "river" and Dean said the fence was covered with debris and laying down. The water went under the house so the poor people will have settling problems and their sewer is probably flooded. There is a corral to the left about 1/2 way down this road and I seen 1 horse out, no idea where the other 2 are.

Dean will probably have to stay at our Pastor's house tonight. I will not be able to get out tomorrow with the pickup as the 4 wheel drive is broken in it. Fun - yeah, right. I could hear the roar of the water from our house which is about 600 feet from this intersection. Glad we don't use landlines for our phone service!! As you can see the phone box is half under water!

I guess I'll have a quiet night tonight! Home, all alone. Hmmmm.... maybe I should do some stamping!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the flash flood causing damage near your home. Praying you remain safe during this monsoon season.

Rita Holmes said...

WOW Carol. I do hope everything is okay.

Barb said...

OMG! Please keep safe, Carol!