Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flower Pots

I just couldn't have "naked" flower pots! I stamped these 3 using Staz-On inks and various sets. I think they look pretty cool, now!! I still have 1 to stamp but since it has a plant in it I haven't yet. The basil on the far left below is that pot. And the African Violet is in a black pot so it's spared at this time.
And here are my plants in my kitchen window. My African Violets have not been without blooms since they got put in the window. I do close the blinds on the window on the left because the west sun gets VERY hot and I don't need the extra heat in the house.
And this is Arlene, our almost 19 year old cat. She is named after the Garfield girlfriend. I've had cats named: Garfield, Garfield II, #3, and Odie. Each one was very special. And I have collected Garfield items since the cat first hit the public. I have about 10 boxes of stuff and plan on putting some on E-Bay someday. I've kinda lost interest and haven't kept up the purchasing of the books so my set is no longer complete.

Today I went in early to exercise at Curves and noticed that my battery wasn't charging. I prayed that it would start 2 more times, when I left Curves and again at Safeway, and God was gracious. The pickup started. Then I started home, about 10 miles. I watched that gauge drop. I then prayed, "Oh Lord, get me to Amado". Again He answered that prayer. As I got to our post office the pickup died. Nothing. I called our pastor and he came and rescued me. The alternator was shot. We "jumped" the battery and it got me to his house. He took me home, just 1 more mile, and repaired our Chevy! I do owe him for the new alternator, $121 which I will pay when we get our tax refund the end of the month. I just praise the Lord for helping me get home. I will take pastor and his wife to dinner for the repair. I would normally have called my dad but he took my mom into Tucson for her scheduled MRA so he wasn't available. Seems like our vehicles aren't the happiest here. Last week we had to replace the started in my Buick and last fall we replaced the alternator in the Buick! Seems like my car should almost be new at this point with all the repairs last summer before we moved. But then, it's only got 190,000 miles on it!! Great car and comfortable!

Well, I've got supper made in the crock pot and even made a loaf of bread in the bread machine. Even got a couple loads of laundry done! So, maybe I should play! I'm off to my stamp table! Happy stamping!

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