Friday, April 25, 2008

Family time!

The pictures and my text have a tendency to scramble a bit from my posting to the actual blog. Can't get it to look like I see it when I post so just enjoy and hopefully you'll get the idea!

The picture of 3 is Dean's sister Muretta and her husband Del and sister Arlene. These 2 pictures are at the San Xavier mission south of Tucson.

Here is Del at Boot Hill in Tombstone. We walked all over Boot Hill then took in a Wild West animal show, watched the Gunfight at the OK Corral and had pizza at the Crystal Palace.

The picture of 2 people is me with artist Mark Brown. He was really dressed up and his pencil drawings of celebrities, Indians, and such were amazing! The picture of the little town is of the Gunfight with the Earps & Hickock versus the Clantons. The Clantons are buried at Boot Hill and I do have a picture of their graves. The group picture is of our group (minus me taking the picture) at the Crystal Palace. The guy in the middle and lady directly across from him were not in the group but we all shared a table as the Palace was very full. From left to right there is Dean, my hubby, dad, mom, guy & his wife, sister Arlene, sister Muretta and brother-in-law Del. They left Thursday morning to go back to Portland. It snowed, rained, and hailed there while they were visiting with us and we had beautiful weather with temps in the mid 80's! We sure enjoyed their visit!

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