Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Back to Blogging

This past week has been so busy that I haven't even stamped! That's scary! Anyway, this photo shows something that we did. We purchased some plants and this small 3' (to the top of the fronds) Washington Palm (supposed to be fast growing) was our splurge. Dean named it in honor of our friend, Sandi, in Lusk, WY. We also got a cute little shrub called Golden Euonymus (has green and yellow leaves), an Anaheim pepper, a Jalapeno pepper, and a Roma tomato. We also did a bunch of yardwork. Today the guys are supposed to come to build our new storage building but here it is, 9 am, and they haven't arrived yet. I am making a big pot of Taco Soup (a thick chili-like concoction) to feed them at noon and for Dean's lunches. (The guys just showed up at 9:15!)
I attended our church's Ladies Luncheon last Tuesday and this we all received this handout in honor of Resurrection Day. Some gals did a great little skit that was a real hoot but was very hard hitting about how we need to clean our hearts, heads, etc. Loved it! Last Sunday our church had a drama called the Lord's Living Supper. I have ordered a DVD of it. It was amazing and there didn't seem to be a dry eye in the congregation! Sunday we had Sunrise services (it was about 50 degrees at 6 am), a breakfast and regular services. Pastor David blew the shofar (a ram's horn used in King David's day) at the beginning of the sunrise service and that was really cool!

I have attended 2 more baseball games this past week. Friday we watched the Rockies play the Cubs (Rockies lost 3 to 7) and Sunday it was the White Sox against the Royals (Royals won). Good games! I got a pretty good tan on Friday. Both days were warm and sunny.

My class last Wednesday went great. I had 9 ladies, 4 never stamped before! Tomorrow I have 10 and I think there are at least 2 who have never stamped. I did get a call from a gal in Sierra Vista (80 miles east) who got my name from TAC and she ordered 4 catalogs and wants to have a party!! Wahoo! I hope to get a package together for her in the mail today. This week I also got a large envy of cards from Chris in Lusk, WY . Some of the cards was a take-off of the Spring Fold card template I posted a while back. She altered the template some and came up with a card that looked more like an explosion card. Great job!

So, happy stamping to all and hopefully I'll get some stamping done this week.

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