Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baseball and Tours

Here is the first pitch of the Chicago White Sox and the AZ Diamondbacks. The DBacks are up to bat. Was a great game with AZ winning 10 to 0! As you can see we are just a few rows up behind home plate with the scouts in front of us. The fastest pitch I seen was 95 mph! I don't even drive that fast!! We had a beautiful day with many Air Force Jets flying around. Loved seeing those big jets strutting their stuff!

Yesterday we took a tour of the Asarco Mine. Dean works at Freeport-McMoran for your information. Asarco employees about 500. I have here pictures of an old sign of the mine signals, the open pit which is over 2 miles wide in one place, and 2 views of a haul truck (which is now pretty much obsolete as trucks are larger!). It was very informational and gave me a better picture of the mill equipment Dean maintains (but I don't have any pictures of that equipment). In the pictures of the haul truck my Dean is in the long-sleeved black shirt and my dad is up next to the tire. I remember when I was in elementary and high school and we lived in Gas Hills, WY. This was located in central Wyoming between Riverton and Casper. Uranium was mined and dad maintained the haul trucks and all the other heavy equipment used in the pits. The haul trucks then were quite a bit smaller than this one shown but still very

The pits there are now filled in and reclaimed but I hear that with uranium selling at much higher prices that mining may begin again out there.
I attended grade school in Gas Hills up to 6th grade. There were 40 of us as first graders but by the time I started 6th grade there
was only 4 of us. People did not like living so far from "civilization"
and moved to Riverton. Seventh graders and up were bussed to Riverton, approx. 50 miles. I sure don't miss that bus ride but we did have some fun and, needless to say, I could be a trouble-maker! Anyway, it was quite the experience. I did get a scholarship to the small community college in Powell, WY and loved the area. I stayed there, married, divorced, married, had my son, and moved.
We figured that in our 26+ years of marriage we averaged a moved every 2 1/2 years.

Anyway, enough of my history for now. My next post will have a

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