Friday, September 14, 2018

Who Has The Fetti?

We have 4 fun confetti products that really spice up your project or shaker cards! 

These 2 fettis just sparkle so much!!  I've used them along with our Journey Glaze to make snowmen (the Clear Sparkle on the right,of course) or add to flower centers (Candy Apple).  We have more such as Lemon Grass, shades of green, but I just realized I don't have it!  Oh no!!

These 2 can be used with our Glaze but work so fun in shaker cards.  There is Star-Fetti on the right and Slice-Fetti on the right.  I was thinking of dumping some of the out but our on line pictures do a great job showing them.

If you go to my shopping cart then Accessories then Glitter & Sequins you can see all the fun bling we carry to add that special little extra to your projects.  I'll share some more of my favorite products some other time as today I'll be working on some other projects.


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