Saturday, February 10, 2018

Feb. Mystery Boxes Revealed

Yesterday I made a FaceBook Live Video revealing what as in my Mystery Boxes that are on special this month.  I received 2 for having a $200 + order then I purchased 1 for $25.  The 2 FREE ones had approx. $50 in retired products and the purchased one had about $100 in retired product.  BUT the purchased one also had a chance to have a golden Unicorn which qualifies the recipient to receive the cool Journey Girl tote and about $75 in current products.

Well, I did some investigating on how to save a FB Live video into a YouTube video.  Here it is...

I hope it works.  One funny thing that happened before I made this video was I had to stop by our bank.  Two of the tellers were surprised to see me and asked me what was I doing there, I was supposed to be home doing my Live!  What a hoot!

Let me know what you think.  I do have a tendency to get a bit comedic when rushed.


1 comment:

Pam said...

How did you manage to wait so long to open those? Great products! Can't wait to get my Mystery Boxes!