Thursday, November 2, 2017

Special Card Packets for Autumn

Oh my!  I missed a post yesterday! I'm sorry but there is a reason.  Tuesday our church put on an alternative celebration to Halloween.  We call it The Blast and we had games, food, laser tag, a youth band, and Christian videos from 5 to 8 pm.  I worked all day Tuesday helping set up the laser tag maze (LOTS of PVC pipes and tarps) and working where needed.  Then I cleaned the church bathrooms and kitchen yesterday morning.  I am so very very sore and tired that when I got home yesterday I had to rest.  I'm requiring tylenol just to move!  But I did get finished with a task from last week's boot camp and want to share it now.

I made these little box envelopes using my Envelope Punch Board and Pumpkin Bread card stock.  I searched for the right pattern and found a site (The Crafty Owl) that, when given the dimensions needed, gave me the size of card stock and the 1st and 2nd score lines.  Perfect!  Inside these little packets are 3 cards, 2 with envelopes.  One card explains the packet.  Also there is a flyer for my next class, a business card, and a little candy.

This packet I die cut the Autumn Days maple leaf.  Two leaves are out of a piece of paper I designed using the Gel Press and assorted inks.  The other leaf has some PanPastels rubbed (using our large Dauber Dowel) on it and text from the Hello Fall set using Black Licorice ink.

With this packet I wrapped a piece of Pumpkin Patch ribbon around it. Next I used our Oval dies and cut a piece of Whip Cream card stock then stamped the Harvest ATS stamp with Black Licorice ink.  I colored it with our Color Burst Pencils.

Today I hope to get some more projects done and Saturday I'll be going to a crop in north Tucson. I sure hope those tylenol kick in and help me not ache so much!


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Betty said...

Thanks, Carol, for the suggestion of the Crafty Owl. What a great idea your church has for teen fun. And your work for your church is a blessing to many and an example for others to follow.
Love the packet, too-lovely!